In the News

Sean Carroll wants to know about Transformative Experience and Future Selves for a discussion in Mindscape.

Zan Boag and I discuss Transformative Experience and Change in New Philosopher.

Joshua Rothman explores The Art of Decision-Making in The New Yorker.

Julia Galef and I discuss transformative preference change at Rationally Speaking.

Maria Popova at Brain Pickings discusses the vampire thought experiment and draws a bunch of cool connections.

Emmanuel Ordóñez Angulo discusses art and film and transformative experience.

Olivia Goldhill discusses transformative experience and parenting at Quartz.

Reddit AMA on Tranformative Experience, Philosophy, and related topics.

The Missing Shade of You. A dance and spoken word performance by the Logos Dance Collective, New York City, March 4th and 5th, 2017.

I discuss empathy for future selves on The Digital Human, BBC Radio 4.

I discuss Transformative Experience with Robert Talisse on New Books in Philosophy.

Fun interview with Joe Gelonesi on The Philosopher's Zone, ABC Radio National (Australia), on Transformative Experience.

I talk with Ken Taylor and John Perry about transformative experience for an NPR session of Philosophy Talk.

Cass Sunstein discusses five new books: “Prophets, Psychics and Phools: The Year in Behavioral Science” in Bloomberg View.

A New York Times op-ed by David Brooks on transformative experience and decision making: “The Big Decisions.”

Joshua Rothman explores TE and changes in sensory abilities in “Seeing and Hearing for the First Time, on YouTube” at The New Yorker.

“All the Same.” Review of Transformative Experience by Amia Srinivasan in the Times Literary Supplement.

“How Should We Make the Most Important Decisions of Our Lives?” I debate transformative experience with Paul Bloom in Slate.

Oliver Burkeman in The Guardian: “Your friends know more about your life than you do, including when you might die.”

“Is it Possible to Reason about having a Child?” Alison Gopnik in The Wall Street Journal.

“The Impossible Decision.” Joshua Rothman at The New Yorker.

“This Column will Change your Life.” Oliver Burkeman in The Guardian.

“Is Having a Child a Rational Decision?” Tania Lombrozo at NPR.

“Metaphysical.” Interview by Richard Marshall at 3am Magazine.

“Is it Rational to Have a Child? Can Psychology Tell Us?” Tania Lombrozo at Psychology Today.