In the News

Artissima, an international art festival themed on "Transformative Experience." Press coverage in Vogue (Italia). Interview with Corriere.

Robinson's Podcast with Robinson Erhardt.

Philosophy Bites with Nigel Warburton.

Institute of Art and Ideas. Debate about language, experience, and power.

Filosofisk with Krister Bykvist.

Phi Beta Kappa “key conversation.”

Die Zeit interview on the transformative change of parenthood (with Agnes Callard).


Interview in The Gazelle.

The Good Life podcast.

A short story involving TE by Helen de Cruz.

Aesthetics for Birds, L.A. Paul on Beethoven.

The investor’s podcast interview.

Mindscape with Sean Carroll.

Econtalk with Russ Roberts.

Institut 21 presentation “Decision making in times of transformative change.”

A Headcon Edge interview.

“Philosophy in 15 Minutes” on fear of mental corruption.

“Philosophy in 15 Minutes” on transformative experience.

Scottish ski movie Comfort Zones on extreme sports as transformative.

Very Bad Wizards!

Interview with Dr. Drew.

Hi-Phi Nation episode on vampires in philosophy.

Joshua Rothman on “The Art of Decision-Making” in The New Yorker.

Rationally Speaking with Julia Galef.

Maria Popova at Brain Pickings on the vampire thought experiment.

Emmanuel Ordóñez Angulo on art and transformative suffering.

Olivia Goldhill on transformative experience and parenting at Quartz.

Reddit AMA on Transformative Experience.

The Missing Shade of You. A dance and spoken word performance by the Logos Dance Collective, NYC 2017.

I discuss empathy for future selves on The Digital Human, BBC Radio 4.

Transformative Experience with Robert Talisse on New Books in Philosophy.

Transformative Experience for The Philosopher's Zone, ABC Radio National (Australia), with Joe Gelonesi.

Transformative experience for an NPR session of Philosophy Talk.

Notre Dame roundtable on transformative experience and faith.

Transformative Experience and other behavioral science by Cass Sunstein for Bloomberg View.

“The Big Decisions.” David Brooks in The New York Times.

Joshua Rothman, “Seeing and Hearing for the First Time, on YouTube” at The New Yorker.

“All the Same.” Amia Srinivasan for the Times Literary Supplement.

“How Should We Make the Most Important Decisions of Our Lives?” debate with Paul Bloom in Slate.

Oliver Burkeman in The Guardian: “Your friends know more about your life than you do, including when you might die.”

“Is it Possible to Reason about having a Child?” Alison Gopnik in The Wall Street Journal.

“The Impossible Decision.” Joshua Rothman at The New Yorker.

“This Column will Change your Life.” Oliver Burkeman in The Guardian.

“Is Having a Child a Rational Decision?” Tania Lombrozo at NPR.

“Metaphysical.” Interview by Richard Marshall at 3am Magazine.

“Is it Rational to Have a Child? Can Psychology Tell Us?” Tania Lombrozo at Psychology Today.